Playwork Induction Course
at PlayScope
Adults have an important role in children's play. Understanding children's play helps fulfilling children's play needs. "Playwork" is a professional knowledge for adults to understand play in children's perspective so that they can support children's free play in a supervised play space. Meanwhile, PlayScope is a child-centered and unique indoor play space with free and changeable play, each zone and theme detail is designed with the concept of child-led. Experienced and skilled professional Playworkers are also stationed on-site to intervene and change the play environment in a timely manner.

Playright hopes that through this training, participants will gain a new understanding of free play, experience free play, and have a preliminary understanding of the elements suitable for children's free play. We also hope to inspire participants to apply this knowledge in different free play environments.
Details and charges:
Date and time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Location: Playright PlayScope (Room 117-128, G/F, Chow Hang Wo Building, Tai Wo, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong)
Target audience: Principals and staff of kindergartens/nursery schools
Participants: 10 to 20 people
Fee: $3800 (20 participants), $150 per person for more than 20 people (Max. 30 participants)
Workshop details:
  • Introduction of Playwork concept and PARS model
  • Understanding free play in children's perspective
  • Getting the concept of children's free play
  • Experiencing Free Play at PlayScope
  • Understanding the use of loose materials to increase playfulness of the environment
  • Recognize the skills of responding to children’s play with play work concepts.
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