Regulations of Play Captain
Membership and Big Play Pass
Upon purchasing the Big Play Pass Package(s), you are agreeing to the following terms. Please read the following terms carefully:

Terms of Play Captain Membership

1. All children registered within the same membership must be siblings, once being found that the membership is shared with others, the staff of PlayScope will immediately cancel the membership of the second child or the children afterwards.

2. If the Big Play Pass(es) is/are transferred to other children who have not registered, the relevant fees are yet to be paid, or participants refuse to follow the rules, PlayScope reserves the right of canceling participants’ membership, and the paid fees will not be returned.

3. The staff of PlayScope will take photos of the valid members for identity verification.

4. PlayScope reserves the right to amend the above regulations

Terms of using Big Play Pass(es)

1. Big Play Pass can only be used by registered children and is not transferable. PlayScope staff will check children’s identities during registration. If non-registered or non-siblings children reserve seats with the Big Play Pass(es), they need to pay a regular price, and the Big Play Pass(es) they used will not be refunded.

2. Refunding is not permitted for all purchased Big Play Pass(es).

3. No return for all used Big Play Pass(es), except for unsuccessful rescheduling under special situations that cause temporary closure and appointment cancellation.

4. Big Play Passes are valid for one year, under no circumstance are applications for extension accepted. Please arrange some time for using the Big Play Passes within the valid period. Except for special situations (including but not limited to pandemics and construction) causing a long period of closure of PlayScope.

5. Big Play Passes can only be used to make appointments for a Big Play Session on or before the deadline (i.e. If the deadline is 31st December 2020, then an appointment can be made on or before 31st December 2020)

6. Big Play Passes are only sold in set(s); purchasing a single Big Play Pass by paying the difference is not allowed. If only one or two Big Play Pass(es) is/are left, it is not allowed to ask for paying the difference in order to make appointments for peak hours on weekdays/ public holidays/ Big Play Sessions on weekends. Demanding a refund is also not allowed. You may make an appointment for a Big Play Session on weekdays or purchase another set of Big Play Pass(es) to make an appointment. Please allocate the Big Play Pass(es) effectively for appointments.

7. PlayScope reserves the right to amend the above regulations.